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- Why dine where you’re not wanted?

  1. -Why dine where you are disrespected?

  2. -Why go where you and your family must be disarmed?

  3. -Why remove your firearm, condone the anti-gun agenda, and put yourself and your family at risk, for the “privilege” of spending your hard-earned money at a place like this?

Some local businesses have made it their business to not allow you to protect yourself and your family while spending your hard earned money in their shops.  They legally force you to be disarmed if you want to be their customer.

These businesses owners have consciously made the decision, and have gone out of their way, to exercise their right to BAN GUNS in their establishments.

While it is their right to do so, it is also our right to expose them and encourage you to spend your money elsewhere.  But before you do, let them know and ask them..  WHY?

That they have the audacity, and lunacy, to think that by installing a “sign” that criminals will abide by it.  Sheer idiocy.  Or is it... (read on)


Take your business elsewhere!

Why spend your money at a business

who puts it to work



“So these restaurants intend to take on the responsibility of protecting and defending their patrons against bad guys that will ignore their magic gun repelling signs, right?

I will take my money to restaurants that will allow me to choose for myself the method of my own self-protection and defense, I don't think I trust them to do it for me.”

Lisa K.

“Funny ... I am being questioned because I am concerned about the threat from the criminal element - which we all know is real - by people who are afraid to dine with law-abiding citizens who have expended the time, effort and expense of providing themselves with effective self-defense - who would go to great lengths to not lose that right by doing dumb things like drinking while carrying, brandishing, picking fights, etc.

Now WHO is out of touch with reality?”

Rich H.

This site makes it easier for you to CHOOSE another restaurant or shop.  One that respects your rights and understands what our country was founded upon and what still protects us from tyranny today - firearms.

If a business owner thinks a “NO GUNS” sign is going to increase safety, they must be stupid, insane, or have ulterior motives.  This is key... the goal of a business owner who BANS GUNS is either a selfish person in fear of litigation (they would rather see you die at the hand of a criminal than face a lawyer) or their motive is in support of a total ban on guns, or maybe now as we are learning - they know nothing and just put the darn sign up!

ASK THEM!  What is their REASON to ban guns? 

Do they just cite “that’s my right” and get defensive? 

Not good enough!  If they want our business, they must answer the question.

Why do we say this? Business owners are not that stupid to believe a sign will prevent criminals carrying guns into their restaurants and shops.  All they have done is disarm their law abiding patrons.  WHY?

Their perpetuation of an attitude of “No Guns”, is very dangerous and erodes the public’s knowledge and respect of our county’s deep history, and our Republic’s need for firearms.  We ask these businesses... WHY?

“I agree wholeheartedly with the mission of I decided instantly to stop spending my money at those businesses who make it their self-righteous mission to voice their ignorant opposition to my RKBA. (The main reason I have had Sam’s Club for years and not Costco.) I appreciate your site and will promote it among my large group of pro-2A friends. I've already added to it and will encourage others to do so. Thanks and keep up the good work!”

Phillip D.

“I smell a business opportunity...The Gunslingers restaurant. In open carry states, ya gotta strap up to come in. Talk about one of the most comfortable places to have dinner ever!”

Mark T.

“If business owners want no guns on their property, the law should require them to post a large sign at the door saying: Our customers and employees are unarmed and defenseless.”

Steve H.

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